Going the extra mile

I just started seeing Dr. Zach this year. I have seen many chiropractors throughout the years, and nobody was as thorough and quick to analyze and find the cause of my problems. He quickly got me back on my feet. I was really impressed with his knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile. He is not like the old school “go in and crack you” chiropractor but he digs in deep to find the problem and help you feel better. When I first walked into his office, it was like seeing an old friend. He made me feel very comfortable and he took the time to explain his diagnosis and explained his what he was going to do in terms that I could understand.

~ Scott

Caring and effective care

My family has used Chiropractic care for years. I found that the care I received from both Dr. Zach and Dr. Ashley was not only caring but effective. Upon waking up and stretching one morning, I felt something pop and felt excruciating pain. I was able to see Dr. Zach immediately that day, he was able to relieve not only my pain but the fear I felt. He took the time to explain that the pain was coming from a rib that was out of place. It took a few days of treatment to relieve, but I was grateful for the progressive relief I felt after each appointment.

On another occasion I saw Dr. Ashley after waking one morning feeling dizzy and nauseated. As I proceeded to try to get up it got worse, now I was not only dizzy but I could not focus. I had never had this happen before so was unsure what to do. I was immediately able to see Dr. Ashley and found out that what I was experiencing was vertigo. After one treatment all my symptoms were gone. I felt relieved and appreciative that one treatment made me feel better. Dr. Ashley took the time to explain what I had experienced. Since, I had this happen I have found people who were put on medication to relieve their symptoms and prevent further episodes. I have not had to take any medication and have had no further complications. I would recommend Dr. Zach or Dr. Ashley of A to Z Chiropractic for anyone looking for a personal, kind, and caring Doctor of Chiropractic.

~ Dawn

Taking time with patients

I came to Dr. Ashley because I was broke and that is really how I felt. I was bent over and could not stand up straight, stand for longer than 5 minutes or sit up straight because the pain was so bad in my back. When I saw Dr. Ashley she took the time to ask me questions, not just what happened, or what caused the injury but about everything I do. Dr. Ashley asked how did I sleep, what type of work did I do, was I taking any medications, and what have I tried already. She went over my whole body. It was not just that my back was out of alignment, but so were my hips, and the tendons in my legs were super tight that was causing the pain. When I left after the first visit and the visits that followed Dr. Ashley gave me exercises to do to keep moving my body in the right direction to keep the healing going. Every treatment was different from massage, heat, and some fancy machine on my back, that brought me back to were I was before I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Dr. Ashley takes time with her patients and she gets to know you personally so the healing process is different for every person. Do what the Doc says and you will be on your way!!

~ Edie

Feeling like a brand new person!

I injured my back while snowboarding a few years ago. I was too nervous to go to a chiropractor so I convinced myself that it would heal on its own. For almost 6 months I couldn’t sleep comfortably or do anything active. I finally decided to go in and see Dr. Ashley. This was the first time I had ever been to a chiropractor so I was a little nervous and very tense. Within a few minutes she was able to diagnose my problem areas and explain to me exactly what happened with my back. Her professionalism gave me confidence in her and helped me feel at ease. I left the first session feeling amazing! It was as if my snowboarding accident never happened. I went back for several more treatments and felt like a brand new person every time!

~ Mark